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What to Know About Work Injuries From Mining Accidents May 19, 2020

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What to Know About Work Injuries From Mining Accidents, Elko, Nevada

Despite technological advances that have improved safety conditions, mining is undeniably dangerous work. While employees in other industries may never experience a work injury more severe than a slip and fall, miners face far more perilous conditions on a daily basis. Here is what you should know about the risks involved.

Common Mining Incidents

There are many hazards in a typical mine. During blasting work, fly rocks can strike individuals who stand too close—whether that is due to their own error, premature blasting, or a misfire. Slope instability could lead to tunnel collapses.

Explosive fumes poisoning can also pose a risk. Methane is an explosive gas often found in coal mines that can explode when introduced to the right spark.

Inadequate safety training or negligent co-workers could easily contribute to an injury, particularly during blasting. Defective tools, machinery, and vehicles could also increase the risk of accidents and injuries. 

What to Do If You Are a Victim of a Mining Accident

work injuryAs with any work injury, victims of mining accidents and their families should take action to ensure that their finances are protected after such incidents. While employers are required to offer workers’ compensation benefits, many mining companies will attempt to limit how much coverage injured workers receive. 

This could cause you to have inadequate funds for covering hospital bills, lost wages, and other expenses resulting from the recovery process. Working with an attorney is essential for further defining the factors that contributed to the accident and ensuring that you get enough financial compensation.


If you need help navigating the financial aftermath of a work injury, contact Kidwell & Gallagher in Elko, NV. Serving Nevada residents for over 20 years, these award-winning personal injury attorneys use experience with mining accidents and other unique situations to help you achieve a favorable outcome for your case. To learn more about their practice areas, visit them online. Schedule a free consultation by calling (775) 738-1000.

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