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5 Benefits of Professional Lot Clearing Services May 28, 2020

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5 Benefits of Professional Lot Clearing Services, Florence, Kentucky

From new construction to improving your landscaping, lot clearing is a helpful service to prepare the area for new projects. This task involves many critical steps and crucial equipment, making hiring an expert the right choice. Below are the advantages of calling a professional for your upcoming clearing project.

Why Hire Experts for Land Clearing?

1. Finish Work Quickly

When you are on a schedule for landscaping or new construction, professional lot clearing services will keep you on your timeline. These experts work quickly and efficiently, using their knowledge, tools, and equipment to remove unwanted vegetation, trees, and stumps so that the land is prepared. They will also handle weeds and undergrowth. Trying to accomplish this on your own takes much longer, putting you behind schedule. It also risks the land not being appropriately leveled.

2. Keep the Area Safe

Stumps and other debris must be removed entirely so that your lot is safe and clear. Leaving anything behind poses a risk to both people on your property and the equipment of your construction team when they begin to build. Professional lot clearers also wear protective gear and know how to use tools correctly to remove risks securely. In addition, they can spot potential dangers or pest infestations and will identify the next steps to take.

3. Reduce Damage Risk

lot clearing Northern Kentucky Cincinnati, OHLot clearing sometimes goes below the surface. Roots must be removed or worked around, but in the hands of an amateur, items like pipes, cables, sewers, and gas lines can be damaged. Trained professionals will examine and mark out the area first to avoid causing a significant delay.

4. Handle Any Material

There are many types of materials on your property that require specific handling. Experienced teams will understand the right techniques to use as well as the correct equipment to clear the area thoroughly. They will also know how to dispose of everything properly.

5. Protect the Planet

Much of what is cleared can be recycled, and professional companies will have the resources to turn waste into reusable material. Wood and other debris can be broken down and repurposed into mulch or other landscaping and building materials, which puts less strain on the environment and natural resources.


For lot clearing in Northern Kentucky, Union, Florence, Edgewood, and the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area, Bluegrass Tree Service, LLC is a top choice. This tree service company brings 30 years of experience to every job, from regular tree maintenance to storm clean-up. With a team of well-trained employees and a fleet of bucket trucks to handle obstacles at any height, you will know that your property is in good, safe hands. For a free estimate, call (859) 746-0708 today, or visit their website for a full list of their offerings.

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