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Virtual Eye Health Exams Explained April 6, 2020

West Chester, Butler
Virtual Eye Health Exams Explained , West Chester, Ohio

If you experience a vision problem or want to maintain your eye care without leaving your home, technology offers a practical solution. A virtual eye health exam enables eye doctors to diagnose and recommend treatment for various conditions. Below is more information about how you can protect your vision and remain at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Virtual Eye Health Exams Help Eye Care

Why Take a Virtual Eye Health Exam?

Due to the effects of COVID-19, some eye doctors are using a remote exam process that serves patients and reduces the risk of virus transmission.

How the Exam Works

eye careAn eye doctor uses a video app and a secure telemedicine platform to view your eyes, talk, and make a diagnosis based on symptoms. They can diagnose various problems during the virtual exam, including red eyes, styes, cysts, and poorly fitting contact lenses. Your doctor determines whether you need urgent, emergency, or home care, and will schedule a followup call in a day or two.

Pros & Cons of Remote Eye Health Exams

A remote exam is safe and convenient but is not a substitute for a complete in-office eye exam. One difference is doctors cannot evaluate certain symptoms remotely, including elevated pressure in the eye, which indicates glaucoma. However, when you need to see an eye doctor but cannot go to the office, a virtual eye health exam provides a valuable option for obtaining professional advice and treatment.


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If you want a virtual eye health exam during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Kenneth Crawford at EyeCare One is offering them now. All you have to do is download their app, EyecareLive from your phone’s store, fill in your information, and schedule an exam. From their offices in West Chester, OH, this experienced eye doctor and his team keep up with the latest diagnostic developments and telemedicine technology, serving residents of West Chester, Liberty Township, and Mason areas. Learn more about their vision and eye care services online and call (513) 755-7775 to schedule an appointment.

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