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3 Signs You Have a Failing Ignition May 25, 2020

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3 Signs You Have a Failing Ignition, Amber-Cheney South, Washington

Your vehicle’s ignition uses electric power to kickstart your engine. If your car fails to start at all, it could be an ignition problem or an issue with the engine, battery, or starter. Regardless of the cause, you need to seek out professional auto repair service right away so you can get back out on the road as quickly as possible. However, it may help to also understand some of the other following symptoms that would suggest a problem with your ignition.

How to Tell If Your Ignition Is Failing

1. Inability to Turn the Key

Internal physical damage, key warping, or wear to your ignition could prevent the key from even turning. If you’re having this problem, turn the steering wheel from side to side and try again. If that doesn’t solve it, you’ll likely need to tow your vehicle to an auto repair shop to have the ignition replaced.

2. Stalling

auto repairA failing ignition doesn’t always stop your car from starting completely. In some cases, it can make it to the on position and then switch back off, which cuts off fuel to your engine and causes it to stall. Stalling can also be due to engine issues, but that often occurs when the car is idling. If the problem is with your ignition, it may stall while the car is moving or just after you start the engine.

3. No Noise When Attempting to Start

If your car fails to start but makes a noise, the problem is likely with your engine. However, if you don’t hear anything when you turn the key, it’s either due to a dead battery or a failing ignition. If the accessories like windows and dashboard lights turn on, then your battery is fine, and the ignition is almost certainly the problem.


If your ignition is failing, the professionals at Daves Auto in Cheney, WA, can help. The auto repair shop has been serving local drivers since 1979, offering a wide array of services from basic tune-ups to towing and repairs for those who have been in a car accident. The shop uses state of the art equipment to diagnose and fix issues efficiently, and the team is dedicated to providing friendly and professional service to every customer. Visit the company’s website to view a full list of auto repair services. To request a quote, call (509) 235-6123.

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