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Why Independence Is Important for Seniors April 14, 2020

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Why Independence Is Important for Seniors, Medina, Ohio

Everyone wants the confidence of self-reliance and the ability to make their own choices, but that sense of independence is all the more important for seniors. When elderly individuals find themselves physically impaired or incapable of living their lives as they wish, it can have a tremendous impact on their physical and mental health. Having quality home care can reinforce seniors’ independence. Here are a few key reasons why independence is essential.

3 Reasons Senior Independence is Essential

1. Retaining Dignity

Rather than feeling like a prisoner in a nursing home, in-home care allows seniors to continue living their lives with very little interference to their preferred schedule. This helps them to retain their dignity as individuals.

The overall improvement in mental health is extensive. An elderly person who has lost their sense of dignity can more easily succumb to depression, anger, and self-destructive actions. Receiving quality home care allows them to maintain a comfortable environment that reinforces their dignity by ensuring privacy, control, and a normal social life.

2. Improving Physical Health

For seniors, being active is an essential part of one’s physical health. A significant part of staying active comes from motivation. When the possibility of losing one’s independence is offset by the chance to stay at home, most seniors find that a necessary motivator.

Whenimage they’re not given a choice and lose that sense of independence, their motivation to keep active is often lost. Having a compassionate caregiver working with them from the comfort of their own homes helps to keep them engaged in daily activities that can improve strength and balance. In turn, this can prevent potential falls, improving overall physical health.

3. Living a Fulfilled Life

Part of having a sense of fulfillment in life is never losing sight of your purpose. By retaining their independence, seniors who receive quality home care are more likely to continue contributing to their family and community. By maintaining that sense of responsibility to those around them, they feel a sense of accomplishment. The more independent seniors feel, the more enjoyment they will get out of life. 


If you or a loved one in Medina, Southwest Cuyahoga, or Wayne County, OH are in need of quality home care, Visiting Angels Medina offers non-medical, in-home care from caring, compassionate caregivers. Their team provides assistance with a variety of services, including cooking, cleaning, light grocery shopping, and other daily tasks. Call (330) 723-0300 to schedule a consultation or visit their website for more information on available services.

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