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4 Fun Facts About Steak April 7, 2020

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4 Fun Facts About Steak, Bon Secour, Alabama

For many people, a delicious steakhouse meal is one of life’s little pleasures. But how much do you know about the delicious food on your plate? Whether you prefer a filet or a flat iron, a T-bone or a tenderloin, here are some fun facts about steak to share with your friends and family next time you go out. 

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Beef 

1. What’s the Juice? 

You may have heard people describe steak as “bloody.” However, when you cut into a juicy rare or medium-rare steak, the red liquid that comes out is not blood. It’s actually mostly water, mixed with fat and proteins called myoglobin. These proteins are what give a steak its color, and are safe to eat. 

2. Memorial Day Rules

steakhouseBeef is a part of many holiday celebrations, but Americans consume more beef on Memorial Day than any other holiday. Although traditional hot dogs and hamburgers are featured on most backyard barbecue menus, steak is actually the second-most common item on the grill after hamburgers. In fact, 80% of people who grill over Memorial Day weekend cook steak. 

3. Hold the Ketchup

While the President of the United States has made headlines for dousing his steak with ketchup, most Americans wholeheartedly disapprove of this practice. In one poll, 56% of people said that putting ketchup on steak was inappropriate, while 27% said it was okay.

Steak sauce is equally polarizing. While some people prefer to use sauce, others think steak sauce is unnecessary. 

4. Medium Is King 

Surveys show that the majority of diners order steak cooked to medium (and only about 3% of people order them rare). However, steakhouse chefs say that most steaks should be cooked medium-rare to ensure the most flavor and tenderness.

The best cooking style will vary from cut to cut. Tender cuts like tenderloin are best cooked rare, while cuts with plenty of marbling and fat, like T-bones, can stay on the heat longer and are still delicious medium-well. 


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