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4 Benefits of Play for Children April 8, 2020

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4 Benefits of Play for Children, Texarkana, Texas

Play is a big part of life for children in pre-kindergarten and provides them with hours of entertainment every week. But play isn’t just about fun and games — it’s also teaching tool that helps kids learn how the world works. Here’s why you should encourage your little one to enjoy themselves. 

Why Play Is Good for Children

1. Boosts Physical Development

Whether they’re throwing a ball around or crawling to their favorite toy, play is crucial for a child’s physical development. As they move around, they hone their balance, coordination, and gross-motor skills. Children will also burn energy through playing, which helps them maintain a healthy weight.

2. Develops Cognitive Skills

Play can also improve brain function and a child’s ability to learn. Certain logic-based games, like memory-boosting ones or puzzles, develop cognitive acuity. Free-form creative play can also enhance a child’s problem-solving capabilities and improve their focus.

3. Enhances Social Skills

Playingpre-kindergarten can also help children improve their social skills and develop friendships. When they’re building a fort or playing hide and seek, children learn how to compromise with others, follow rules, and resolve conflicts. Learning these social skills during their pre-kindergarten years is important and will help them build strong future relationships.

4. Increases Creativity 

When children play, they’re given the opportunity to use their imaginations and think outside the box. As they’re drawing a picture or playing house, they can think of unique ideas and creative solutions to problems they may encounter. As adults, creativity skills will be beneficial both personally and professionally.


To enroll your child in pre-kindergarten, turn to Wake Village Playskool in Bowie County, TX. Providing care for children from six weeks to 12 years of age, this learning center gives each age group a dedicated lesson plan. They believe in the importance of play For more information about their services, call (903) 838-5424 or visit their website.

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