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3 Issues With Copper Telephone Lines May 5, 2020

New York, New York
3 Issues With Copper Telephone Lines, New York, New York

While copper cabling landlines were once the gold standard for business communication, more IT consultants are recommending VoIP instead. In fact, companies like Verizon® are refusing to fix copper cabling, as they see it as outdated. Here are a few reasons why this technology is falling by the wayside. 

Why Copper Cabling Landlines Are Outdated

1. Insecure

There’s a field of interference that’s generated around copper cabling. This is an issue when there are multiple cables near each other, as the interference can bleed into the other cables, causing messaging problems and security risks. Thus, switching to VoIP is especially important if you’re worried about data leaks and scammers. Finally, when copper gets worn out, it becomes a fire hazard, putting your employees and property at risk. 

2. Expensive

it consultantCopper is dependent on a volatile Latin American market, causing prices to fluctuate. Additionally, it’s a heavy material, increasing transportation costs, and the metal is difficult to store because it can’t be exposed to oxygen. VoIP, on the other hand, has fewer hardware needs, making it an inexpensive business communication option. 

3. Poor Call Quality

Copper cabling is susceptible to weather damage that could lead to performance issues, especially if some parts of the network are worn or older. Additionally, VoIP has far better call clarity when making long-distance calls, so if your company works with partners or clients in other countries, it’s crucial to upgrade.


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