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Does Home Insurance Cover Wind Damage? May 19, 2020

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Does Home Insurance Cover Wind Damage? , Licking, Missouri

Property damage related to wind and hail accounts for nearly 40% of all home insurance claims. With spring storms right around the corner, it's not a surprise that wind damage is a top concern for many homeowners. Yet, the availability and total financial assistance from a home policy can vary based on the type of coverage you carry. Here's a closer look at the specifics of wind-related insurance.

When is Wind Damage Covered? 

Fortunately, standard home coverage usually extends to the majority of wind-related damage, as well as tornadoes. The greatest threat of wind is to a home's exterior. Straight-line winds can loosen and remove shingles and damage siding and fencing. It also can throw debris through the air, which becomes incredibly dangerous at high speeds. It can even break off limbs from trees and cause certain varieties of trees to collapse entirely. As a result, windows and doors are at risk of damage, which, in turn, puts the interior of the home and its contents in jeopardy. 

What Coverage Areas Are Necessary?

home insurance Licking, MOThere are three areas of a home insurance policy that come into play with severe weather: dwelling, personal property, and homeowner. Dwelling insurance covers structural elements in both the interior and exterior, including siding and drywall. It's often utilized in association with personal property coverage, which offers financial protection for personal belongings within the home. If a non-resident is injured from a falling branch or the wind blows a tree onto a neighbor's garage, homeowner liability kicks in to handle the claim costs and any associated legal fees.

How to File Wind-Related Claims

A quick turnaround with repairs is vital to preventing the damage from worsening. For that reason, it's essential to contact the insurance provider directly or through the agency as soon as possible to file a claim. If you can call the same day, it can be beneficial for an adjuster to see the damage as soon after the incident as possible. This proves to them that the damage was related to the storm and not a secondary incident. It's also helpful to document the damage with photographs or videos to provide to the company to help the process along. 


Keep your property protected in the event of severe weather with the assistance of Texas County Mutual Insurance in Licking, MO. Since 1904, the local agency has matched Texas County residents with home insurance coverage that meets their needs. The compassionate team is dedicated to offering personalized service. Learn more about their coverage options online, and request an initial insurance quote today at (573) 674-3125.

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