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3 Reasons to Join a Wine Club May 1, 2020

Kailua, Koolaupoko
3 Reasons to Join a Wine Club, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Wine clubs offer the perfect way to taste a variety of wines, ranging from deep reds to light whites, as well as sweet or dry blends. Joining a club will also give you a few new bottles to share with your fellow wine aficionados. Here are a few other reasons why you should join today.

The Benefits of a Wine Club

1. Enjoy Exclusivity

Wine clubs open your tasting options, and you’ll be introduced to high-end blends that can’t be purchased at your average grocery store. Wineries with clubs also provide their members with special bottles from their estate, giving you the privilege of tasting something custom and exclusive.

2. Maintain Your Supply

wine clubIf you join a wine club, you’ll likely never be without a bottle again. Whether you’re having a glass after work or hosting an impromptu dinner with friends, your inventory will always be stocked. This eliminates last-minute runs to the store to purchase what you need.

3. Experience Variety

Instead of agonizing over which bottle to buy, the choice will conveniently be made for you. A curated selection of different flavors and styles will be sent directly to your home. This will allow you to expand your horizons and elevate your taste buds. You may even find an unexpected new favorite.


If you want to enjoy the benefits of being part of a wine club, contact the team at Oeno Winemaking in Kailua, HI. This winery offers over 150 different types of wine, including international bottles and unique blends. Members receive four shipments a year, which feature an assortment of new releases, highly-rated favorites, and seasonal selections. As a member, you’ll also enjoy access to exclusive events, as well as a generous discount on their bottles and merchandise. Call (808) 263- 6366 to find out how you can apply.

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