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3 Movie Genres That Should Be Watched on the Big Screen April 17, 2020

Falco, Covington
3 Movie Genres That Should Be Watched on the Big Screen, Falco, Alabama

While your home entertainment setup may be adequate for watching TV, when it comes to movies, nothing compares to the big screen. In many cases, people who watch films at home are missing out on an essential part of the experience. Some types of motion pictures demand to be viewed at the cinema, in the dark, with digital sound. Below are a few movie genres best enjoyed at the movie theater.

3 Movie Genres That You Should See at the Cinema

1. Historical Epics

Huge historical epics feature sweeping panoramas, exquisite costuming, masterful cinematography, and bombastic sound. It’s difficult to enjoy the full experience at home on a small screen with a tinny speaker. You are supposed to marvel at the landscapes, jump at the sound of cannon fire, cringe at the "swick" of a sword leaving its sheath, and become breathless as the hero and heroine lock eyes. You probably won’t feel the impressive scope of these movies if you're squinting at the screen from your sofa.

2. Horror Movies

Movie theaterHorror films often depend on an atmosphere of terror. Moreover, skilled directors know when to lighten the tension with a bit of humor. Both of these are more effective when you're in a crowd. The scary mood becomes infectious, and the laughter during the relief scenes is louder when there are other people around.

Top-of-the-line sound systems make the eerie music and sound effects even more spooky. Movie theaters are also kept very dark during screenings, making the film that much more effective and frightening.

3. Superhero Movies

Superhero movies like are the ideal genre to enjoy at the theater. Superheroes and their adventures are larger than life and should be watched on a larger-than-life screen. They include mind-boggling visual effects and gripping action sequences that look incredible on the large screen.

Moreover, superhero directors and cinematographers purposely include "Easter eggs"—or surprises hidden in the movie for observant fans, like the appearance of Stan Lee or other celebrities in small roles—in many of their films. The big-screen experience allows viewers to more easily spot these.


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