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3 Items You Should Never Flush April 3, 2020

Fennimore, Grant
3 Items You Should Never Flush, Fennimore, Wisconsin

While the purpose of a toilet seems pretty straightforward, it's tempting to use the fixture to dispose of other types of waste. Unfortunately, flushing the wrong items can lead to serious and extensive plumbing repairs. Protect your sewer systems—and your wallet—by keeping these three items out of your toilet. 

What to Avoid Flushing Down the Toilet

1. Wipes

Wet wipes have become a popular alternative to toilet paper. While many of the options available claim to be safe for plumbing, it's barely the case. The size of the wipes makes it easy for them to get stuck in pipes, and unfortunately, the product doesn't breakdown fast enough to prevent blockage. For that reason, it's best to dispose of wipes as well as other personal hygiene products in the trash can. 

2. Dental Floss

plumbing repairsAlthough floss is thin, it's an incredibly strong material. It also gets knotted up and attaches to other items fairly easily, which can create clogs and result in complicated plumbing repairs. This sentiment also applies to hair and other bathroom staples, like cotton swabs and balls, as they're typically not biodegradable. 

3. Litter

Bathrooms are a popular location for litter boxes. For that reason, it's common for cat owners to assume they can flush feline waste down the toilet.

However, the most common litters are composed of absorbent materials, like clay and sand. These elements can clump together and block the flow of both liquid and solid waste within the piping. Even with specialty biodegradable litters, you can end up needing the assistance of a plumber. 

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