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3 Reasons to Honor a Loved One With a Memorial Bench May 12, 2020

Kingston, Plymouth
3 Reasons to Honor a Loved One With a Memorial Bench, Kingston, Massachusetts

Having a quiet spot to remember loved ones can provide the solace needed for reflection and healing. A memorial bench offers this space, with a wide range of unique designs available to honor those who have passed away. Here are several ways these custom memorials are used for celebrating your loved one’s legacy.

How Memorial Benches Honor Loved Ones

1. Celebrates Long-Lasting Impact

Placing a memorial bench near a grave marker or headstone honors the individual’s impact on family and the community. The permanent custom memorial provides a sitting area for people to remember your loved one. Whether they were a family patriarch or advocated for the under-privileged, the bench offers the opportunity to reflect on how their positive deeds will be remembered for generations.

2. Offers Historical Context

custom memorialsMemorial benches typically contain inscriptions that give visitors additional insights about a person’s life. Perhaps a quote, religious verse, or other writing can offer a glimpse of who an individual was within a historical context. The inscription may also share details about how they elevated their community.

3. Creates a Favorite Gathering Spot

Perhaps your loved one had a special affinity for a park, lake, or another location. Memorial benches are ideal for honoring them and their favorite gathering spot. The custom memorial serves the dual purpose of having a space to reflect and heal while capturing the person’s essence in an area that had a special place in their heart. 


If you want to honor a loved one with a memorial bench, Quincy Memorials Inc in Kingston, MA, has served the South Shore by creating exquisite and unique custom memorials for those who have passed away. Since 1950, this family-owned business has been committed to superior craftsmanship, quality materials, wide range of designs, and competitive pricing. You’ll work with artisans who will produce a memorial bench to your exact specifications. To learn more about them, visit their website or call (617) 471-0250 to speak to a friendly representative.