Westchester Village, New York

Conquer Public Speaking with Powerful Communication Skills February 22, 2012

Westchester Village, Bronx
Conquer Public Speaking with Powerful Communication Skills, Bronx, New York

In a desperate economy, every opportunity to advance and be noticed is crucial. Jobs are hard to land, and when called to interview for a valued position, you only have one chance to pitch yourself. Make your pitch impressionable with a carefully-articulated, confident and professionally communicated presentation. This can be a daunting task, particularly for those whose nerves may get the best of them and whose speech is often mumbled.

Arthur Reel of Advanced Communication Skills, Arthur Reel Studio for Powerful Communication Skills and Stage Acting can give you the communications training to ace your interview. Working with clients to perfect speaking and interview skills, Reel will help you become a confident speaker in public, social and professional settings.

Interviewees make two common mistakes when approaching the interview process, not maintaining eye contact and stumbling speech and thoughts when answering questions. Conquer your rocky vocal delivery with training from communications and speech experts. With one-on-one practice sessions and communication theater training techniques, you will become a smooth and confident speaker. Trainers at Arthur Reel Studio for Powerful Communication Skills and Stage Acting will give you the confidence to maintain eye contact and articulate clear and concise answers through theater performing techniques.

Become a critical and quick thinker with professional training. Don't stumble upon answers or deliver generic, boring answers. Present yourself in a honest and clear manner with Arthur Reel's training. With over thirty-five years experience as a professional teacher, playwright, artistic director of Drama Committee Repertory Theatre (DCRT), and stage director, Arthur Reel Studio for Powerful Communication Skills and Stage Acting is more than qualified to make you a model interviewee.

Offering an exciting, open and friendly atmosphere, Arthur Reel Studio for Powerful Communication Skills and Stage Acting creates a comfortable setting for clients to gain speaking and interviewing skills without the nerves.

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