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Fluffy or Firm? DOWNLITE Provides The Perfect Pillows For You November 18, 2015

Mason, Warren
Fluffy or Firm? DOWNLITE Provides The Perfect Pillows For You, Mason, Ohio

At a hotel or in your own bedroom, a great sleep is an invaluable resource of rejuvenation. It’s also vital to your health. The right pillow will make a big difference between a night of rest and hours of restlessness. There are so many pillow sizes and styles to choose from, but finding the right pillow for you actually has to do with how you sleep. DOWNLITE will help you choose the perfect pillow from their wide selection of top-quality products from their store in Mason, OH, or online so that you can be comfortable and supported all night.

There are three types of pillows:

  • Soft: 25% of all sleepers wake up face-down, on their stomach. If you sleep with your shoulders angled down instead of sideways, purchase a pillow with less filling and a softer density. This will accommodate your sleeping position while maintaining unobstructed breathing.

  • Medium: A medium-density pillow will give your neck the required support without pushing your head uncomfortably forward. You want to keep your neck aligned with your chest and lower back.
  • Firm: Firm pillows give sleepers proper support between shoulder and neck, keeping your chin from bending too low to your shoulder blades if you sleep on your side.

A pillow’s lifespan is between two and seven years, though some sleep experts recommend purchasing a new pillow every year. The right pillow will alleviate body stiffness and back pain and will even provide support for pregnant women. DOWNLITE has a YouTube channel with information and instructions on choosing and using the correct pillow for your lifestyle.

Between comforters, mattress pads, and everything else on your bed, your pillow is the most important. Visit DOWNLITE today, or call (866) 931-3696 and shop with the store that offers the best pillows in the industry.