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5 Benefits of Sweat Patches Over Urine Drug Testing April 25, 2020

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5 Benefits of Sweat Patches Over Urine Drug Testing, Cleveland, Tennessee

Over the past few decades, many drug and alcohol monitoring programs have shifted to the use of sweat patches. Like a bandage, these products securely attach to the skin to evaluate sweat for the presence of drugs—including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and methamphetamines—and tend to deliver better results than traditional urine tests.  If you’re looking for a better way to screen for substance abuse, here are five reasons why you might want to switch from urine-based methods to drug patches.

Reasons to Test With Drug Patches Instead of Urine

1. Easy Application

A urine test can be cumbersome and may even restrict the privacy of the user if they must be observed while submitting a sample. By contrast, sweat patches are strong adhesives that easily and reliably stick to the skin—usually on the upper arm. When the testing period is over, a trained lab technician can remove the patch in a matter of seconds.  

2. Longer Testing Window

While a urine test can detect drugs that were recently used, they can have trouble identifying certain illicit substances—such as amphetamines—after just a few days of original use. Sweat patches are designed to stay on the body for 10 days or longer. They make it possible to monitor drug use over a continuous period and produce more comprehensive results.

3. Greater Accuracy

drug patchFalse positives—or when a substance is detected but was never used by the individual—are a common concern with drug testing methods, especially those that involve urine. Patches, however, are incredibly delicate and have a lower risk of producing false positives. Additionally, if there are concerns that a result isn’t accurate, further testing can be applied to ensure accuracy.

4. Reduced Tampering Risk

Urine tests can be tampered by diluting them with water or by using an inauthentic sample. Drug patches are notorious for their limited tampering ability. Any attempt to remove or adjust the patch will automatically be revealed to the testing facility and invalidate all results. Also, since each test is individually numbered, users can’t remove and replace old patches without the lab finding out.

5. Deters Drug Use

If you’re helping someone stop substance abuse, a drug patch can provide the additional encouragement they need to stay accountable for their actions. Knowing that these patches offer a more thorough testing window and cannot be tampered with, people may be less tempted to use substances and invalidate their results.


Dedicated to improving drug and alcohol monitoring, TN Recovery & Monitoring offers a wide range of advanced testing resources—including drug patches. Supplying PharmChek® sweat patches, this company makes it easy to screen for substance use in a faster, more secure, and more reliable fashion. To learn more about their regulatory-compliant products—including SCRAM® devices, GPS monitors, and breathalyzers—visit this supplier online. If you have questions about any testing methods, call (855) 472-7269 to speak with a friendly associate at the Cleveland, TN office.

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