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3 Tips on Choosing a Valance Color May 15, 2020

3 Tips on Choosing a Valance Color, Kauai County, Hawaii

A valance is a type of window treatment used to conceal curtain and drapery rods. Selecting the best valance color for your home can be challenging since it must match the surrounding decor as well as your drapes. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when making a selection. 

How to Choose the Right Color for Valances

1. Don’t Match the Walls

While your natural inclination may be to select a color that perfectly matches your walls, this can wash out your window treatments. Instead, go lighter or darker, depending on the predominant shade in the room. You can choose a complementary shade, like orange to go with a blue wall, or take the current wall color and dial it up or down two shades.

valance2. Select a Contrasting Color

If you want a more dramatic look in your home, contrast the current color scheme. The variance will make your windows stand out and break up the wall space in an attractive way.

You can also highlight accent colors in other room elements, such as the patterned fabric on upholstered furniture. 

3. Choose a Patterned Valance

When sprucing up a neutrally decorated room, you may want to be bolder in your valance selection with prints. Window treatments are available in a wide range of patterns, including floral, geometric, and even images. Prints and patterns also pair well with solid-colored drapery and curtains. 


When shopping for valances, turn to Window Trends. In addition to featuring products in their expansive showroom, they also make in-home visits, so you can find the perfect match. Their free home consultation includes design recommendations and measuring. Once a decision has been made, a technician will install your new valance quickly and efficiently. To schedule a consultation in Kalaheo, HI, call (808) 332-9844 today. You can also visit the website to find out more about their selection of valances. 

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