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Hang in There, We'll Get Through This March 26, 2020

High Point, Guilford
Hang in There, We'll Get Through This, High Point, North Carolina

In accordance with Gov. Cooper's executive order, Hands-On Health Massage & Physical Therapy will be closed until April 25, 2020 for massage therapy.  Physical therapy is NOT covered in this order, so if you have an issue that needs quick attention to avoid worsening of symptoms, let us know and we can discuss what options are available, including setting up a session that day with Malia.  Please call or text, and we can talk about your issue to decide how it needs to be managed. Hopefully we will be able to reopen April 27th and help you with your wellness goals.   We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but know that we are here if you have questions about self-care to remedy any issues you have.  Be safe, enjoy the time off, get projects at home done, see you soon.  Malia and Tonya.  

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