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3 Reasons to Repair Your Home Heating System This Summer April 15, 2020

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3 Reasons to Repair Your Home Heating System This Summer, Ledyard, Connecticut

When it’s sunny and warm outside, you’re probably not thinking much about your home heating system. However, now is the perfect time to have it cleaned and inspected for any problems that might need repairing or replacing. Here are a few of the ways you’ll benefit by marking this task off your to-do list this summer.

Why Complete Home Heating System Maintenance During Summer?

1. Avoid Last Minute Repairs

Waiting until the last minute to complete heating system repairs is risky. Most technicians get busier the closer it gets to winter. If you wait too long to schedule repairs, you could end up spending the first cold snap without a working heater. Even if you are not aware of problems with your heating system, schedule a full inspection of your system during the summer to ensure worn or broken parts are repaired or replaced in plenty of time.  

2. Catch Hazards

home heating systemHaving your heating system inspected not only helps catch damaged parts, but it also is essential for detecting possible gas leaks that could put you at risk of a house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

The heating contractor will check for damaged lines, corroded or poorly installed fittings, and any cracks in the heat exchanger. If any problems are identified, repairing them in summer ensures your system is safe to operate as soon as you need it in winter.

3. Save Energy

Cleaning and repairing your heating system in the offseason is the best way to keep it running efficiently. Dirty, worn, or broken parts will make it more difficult for the unit to circulate warm air throughout your home. As a result, it will have to work harder to get the reach the desired temperature, resulting in higher energy bills and possibly expensive repairs.

Ensure your home heating system is well-maintained by turning to the professionals at Andersen Oil Company. For over 45 years, this family-owned business has provided heating oil delivery and heating system services to homes and businesses in New London County, CT, and the surrounding southeastern area of the state. Call them 24 hours a day at (860) 464-7628 for an estimate or emergency service. Visit their website to learn more about their heating system maintenance and repair solutions. 

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