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How Does Warm Weather Affect Tires? May 7, 2020

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How Does Warm Weather Affect Tires? , Paterson, New Jersey

When the weather outside grows warm, you might be concerned about what the heat will do to your vehicle tires. Although it can be nerve-wracking to drive when the outdoor weather is blistering, doing what you can to prevent tire damage can help you to keep your family safe. Here is a little more information about how heat can impact your car’s tires, and how to fend off problems. 

How Can Heat Impact Tires? 

Much like cold weather reduces the air pressure in your tires, hot weather increases the pressure. This can be problematic because many people fill tires to capacity during the cooler months to accommodate the pressure changes.

When the weather heats up, the air within your tires expands, and your tires are more susceptible to blowouts. Under-inflated tires can also increase your risk of a blowout, since this practice allows air to slosh around your tires as you drive your car. 

How Can You Prevent Problems? 

tiresA safe way to prevent tire damage during the summer months is by checking the air pressure of your tires regularly. Every vehicle lists the size and air pressure recommendations for tires, and this information is typically found on a sticker placed in the inner door frame on the driver’s side door. Check your tire pressure every time you get gas, or more frequently if you drive often during warm-weather hours. 

Make sure that valve caps are present and appear to be functioning properly. Check tires for bulges, cracks, or other problems. Have your tires inspected regularly by a professional, and don’t forget to rotate your tires according to the make, model, and rating of your car’s wheels. 



If you’re faced with tire damage, reach out to 21 Ave Tire Repair in Paterson, NJ. In addition to offering new, used, and truck tires, this trusted team of professionals can also help with emergency tire failures, helping you to get back on the road without incident. To find out more about how they can help, visit their website or call (973) 225-0923.

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