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Public Speaking 101: 6 Words to Avoid to Using in Your Next Speech March 3, 2014

Westchester Village, Bronx
Public Speaking 101: 6 Words to Avoid to Using in Your Next Speech, Bronx, New York

Do you speak to your friends and business clients the same way? If so, this could hurt your reputation, especially when it comes to your career. The best way to fix your speech is to cut certain words from your vocabulary altogether. Public speaking classes from Arthur Reel Studio Communications will help you hone your speech for better professional and casual conversation. But you can clean up your speech starting right now!

Here are six words in particular that you should stop saying today for future success in public speaking, and everyday life:

  • Um...: "Um" is the number-one culprit of bad public speaking. It makes you look like you're less confident, less intelligent, and unprepared. Cut this word out, as well as "Uh" and "Ah", and you'll see an instant improvement in your next speech.
  • Sort Of: This shows lack of confidence. "I'm sort of hungry" may sound okay, but it lacks personality. Instead, say why you're "sort of" hungry. "I've eaten already" shows activity.
  • My Point Is...: You may have learned that these introductory phrases are good leads into stating a point. This isn't true! Phrases like this waste time. State your point and keep your audience tuned in.
  • Just: Has anyone spat this word at you? It seems like a word people use when they whine. Get rid of "just" and make your language more mature.
  • Always: This is an absolute word, which puts you in a sticky situation. If you tell someone that your product always works, they'll try to prove you wrong. Avoid absolutes like "always" and "never" if you can.
  • Y'Know?: This phrase is a no-no because it begs your audience for support. If your audience doesn't get your idea, ending with "y'know?" will turn them off. Instead, explain your idea as clearly as possible without pandering to your listeners.

Of course, unlearning these words takes time and practice. Arthur Reel Studio Communications is New York City's top public speaking school, and has helped actors and public speakers clean up their speeches for the stage. To advance your career or fine tune your public speaking skills, sign up for communication lessons today. Call (212) 595-1733 for more information about their course schedule.

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