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Learn to Read & Master Body Language With Acting Courses From Arthur Reel Studio March 13, 2014

Westchester Village, Bronx
Learn to Read & Master Body Language With Acting Courses From Arthur Reel Studio, Bronx, New York

Whether you are in an interview, on a date, in a performance, or making a presentation, reading your audience’s body language is a huge part of conveying and expressing emotion. Noticing the subtle signals that people send out with their bodies allows you to react to them. Arthur Reel Studio is New York’s leading acting and communication studio, giving aspiring entertainers the expressive tools to emote and perform at their best.

Language extends far beyond just spoken words. Here are a few tips to understand the subtle layers of body language:

  • Pay attention to how physically close someone is to you. The closer they are, the more comfortable and warm they are. When on stage, contact and proximity displays emotion and a connection between characters beyond the dialog.
  • Notice the position of their arms. People with crossed arms are usually closing themselves off and appear more defensive. While this can be a comfort or habit, it is a good indicator of a more reserved and introverted personality.
  • Always maintain eye contact. This is an important nonverbal queue in any context. Strong eye contact shows interest, and maintaining eye contact during a presentation or performance will command attention. If eyes seem unfocused or far away, that indicates a person is deep in thought or not listening.

Your nonverbal language tells more to your employer, date, or audience than anything you may be saying. Keep in mind that your body language is a big part of communication and mastering it will make your performance or presentation more effective. Visit Arthur Reel Studio for a number of public speaking and acting courses today and learn even more about nonverbal body language. 

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