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5 Dog Grooming Tips to Maintain White Coats April 14, 2020

Highland Village, Denton
5 Dog Grooming Tips to Maintain White Coats, Highland Village, Texas

From the Maltese to the Samoyed and the poodle to the bichon frise, there are many unique dog breeds known for their eye-catching white coats. However, between playing outside and natural fur growth, it’s not always easy for these canines to maintain their pristine appearance. If your pet falls into this category, use the following dog grooming tips to keep your four-legged friend’s coat white.

How to Keep Your Dog’s Fur Coat White

1. Wash Stains Immediately

Whether your pup has just had a messy meal or a bathroom accident, you should wash away stains immediately so that they don’t set in the fur. Since soap-and-water bathing can be a hassle for quick cleanups, remove these spots with a pet-safe wash spray or baby wipe product.

2. Use Special Pet-Bathing Products

dog groomingDifferent coats require different products, especially white ones. These breeds tend to respond well to coat-enhancing shampoos and conditioners. If you’re not sure which product is best for your pet, ask your dog groomer or veterinarian for a recommendation.

When washing with these products, be sure to follow the instructions and allow the shampoo to sit for a few minutes so it can penetrate the hair fibers. Try not to skip conditioning, as this step helps strands become less porous and more resistant to staining.

3. Rinse Completely

During pet bathing, take the time to rinse every area of your dog’s coat thoroughly. Fur can dull — and may develop a tinged color — if shampoo or conditioner residue isn’t completely rinsed away.

4. Trim At-Risk Hairs  

Hairs that are near the eyes and genitals are more at risk of staining due to their likelihood to attract excess bacteria. Trim excess hair away from these areas as much as possible.

5. Brush Daily

Brushing your dog every day will help remove dirt and debris that could contribute to discoloration. Practicing this daily dog grooming will also help distribute natural oils throughout your pet’s coat to promote hair health and increase shininess.


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