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Chiropractors Provide Essential Health Care Through COVID-19 Pandemic March 24, 2020

Manhattan, New York City, NY
Chiropractors Provide Essential Health Care Through COVID-19 Pandemic, Manhattan, New York

The first question is simply, “Is the office open?” While the U.S. is still likely weeks away from the peak number of cases of the COVID-19 virus, many doctors are considering whether they are willing to stay open for their patients. They are also making recommendations on the necessity of care and determinations as to how essential chiropractic is for the lives of many patients. In other words, is a patient’s condition or state of well-being likely to deteriorate without care? If so, what they stand to gain makes conservative or therapeutic chiropractic care absolutely necessary, even amidst concerns of COVID-19. As communities envision an eventual recovery from sickness and the resultant social dis-ease, chiropractors are adjusting the spines of patients in need. As leaders in the healthcare world, they are also connecting with the hearts and minds of patients to have a more positive outlook. Chiropractors are also present to help raise up the collective perception to be more hopeful when considering what is to come.

Coming together as a community will bring hope in recovery. While social distancing has become standard behavior, creating ways to connect souls in a supportive and playful way has been popular in online meeting places. The TLC community of chiropractors commits to supporting each other and preparing the world once again for life without restrictions. Here are four thoughts to consider while in shut down mode as our consciousness seeks to rise above:

1) Taking action dissolves fear – therefore, be wise with your decisions, but keep your mind and body active.

2) Clarity is the first law of success – be a visionary for your family, friends and neighbors.

3) Isolation is bad – avoid sliding deeper into despair and yearn to stay connected.

4) Stay open – your chiropractic adjustment alters both physical and mental impulses. Allow yourself access to your subconscious mind following your chiropractic visit and create new possibilities for your life and purpose.

If we can mute the chatter that fear generates in our predominantly newsworthy world view, we can collectively up the ante in opening our hearts. We can recover to live presently and value human connection in an entirely new way. While we are in virtual “shut down,” chiropractors among others are seeing a new map being developed for a world that has never had this much universally in common. We are coming together as a worldwide community. Please get ready for your new life.


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