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3 Items All Bakers Should Have in a Kitchen May 11, 2020

Greenburgh, Westchester
3 Items All Bakers Should Have in a Kitchen, Greenburgh, New York

Whether you’re an avid baker or new to the hobby, you may have noticed certain aspects of your kitchen interrupt your workflow. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, the following additions will make for an easier transition from mixing bowl to plate.

What Should You Add to Your Kitchen if You Bake?

1. Baking Sheet & Appliance Storage

If you spend a lot of time banging pans and straining your back to store your baking sheets and other tools, consider installing special storage as part of your kitchen renovation. Most baking sheets and pans are long and narrow, so a drawer that offers upright storage is ideal. Place it next to your oven for added convenience.

Additionally, if you have hard-to-store appliances, such as a mixer or bread machine, get an appliance garage. With this option, you can simply push your appliances back into place without wasting time disassembling them.

2. Work Station

kitchen renovation

If you’re serious about baking, why not include a special area for it in your kitchen renovation? Marble surfaces are cold, smooth, and perfect for a range of baking projects, including rolling out dough, so consider adding a marble station to the existing counter. Alternatively, if you have extra space, create a corner that’s just for you.

If your work station is against a wall, use storage solutions that allow you to hang spatulas and other tools from it. Additionally, tuck a bookshelf underneath it for your cookbooks.

3. Double & Convection Ovens

Double ovens are perfect for more complicated baking projects, or for multi-tasking when you’re making dinner and dessert simultaneously. Try installing them near your workstation or baking storage areas for convenience.

Also, consider upgrading to a convection oven. Unlike a conventional oven, this option includes a fan and exhaust system that circulates hot air around the food, allowing it to cook faster and more evenly.


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