Westchester Village, New York

Refine Your Stage Presence & Performance With Acting Classes at Arthur Reel Studio April 3, 2014

Westchester Village, Bronx
Refine Your Stage Presence & Performance With Acting Classes at Arthur Reel Studio, Bronx, New York

As a multi-disciplined theatrical artist who lends his numerous talents to aspiring performers throughout New York City, Arthur Reel of Arthur Reel Studio, Communications and Actor Training is a leader in public speaking classes, acting lessons, and coaching communication skills. As an award-winning theatrical actor, this vocal coach blends his passion for performance with practical acting coaching, allowing performers to develop their own unique style while still learning the essentials. Just as the joy of performing is a dynamic and ever-changing experience, actors, musicians, and teachers are always looking to progress their skills.

Here are a few of the vibrant and engaging courses offered at this acting school:

  • Stage Performance: Through scene, monolog, and play performances actors will discover their hidden talents and artistic potential. Working with others, performers learn the fundamental skills of owning a stage, the first step toward a serious acting profession.
  • Voice & Accent Reduction: Whether you are trying to reduce your own native accent or looking to develop a new one, specific communication and voice coaching will help you become more linguistically flexible.
  • Presentation Skills: Public speaking is always a difficult fear to conquer, but with this private conversation and public speaking class, you will gain confidence and ease when delivering any important discussion in front of a crowd.

Refine your stage presence, conquer your fear of public speaking, and dive into a new accent all with the help of communication coaching from Arthur Reel Studio. Take the first step towards your dream, and develop the essential fundamentals of acting today! Call (212) 595-1733 for more information or visit this studios website for class details. 

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