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The Importance of Scheduling an AC Inspection Before Summer April 10, 2020

Perry, Lake
The Importance of Scheduling an AC Inspection Before Summer, Perry, Ohio

Air conditioner breakdowns can make summer unbearable, which is why you should schedule preventative care now. Seasonal AC  inspections will help you get the most from your unit and maximize its life span. Consider the following benefits of HVAC inspections.

Why HVAC Inspections Before Summer Are Necessary

Creating a More Comfortable Home

First and foremost, you want to be comfortable. A clean, well-lubricated air conditioner will operate smoothly at maximum capacity. During an inspection, a contractor will inspect the electric motor, condenser coils, and other key components to ensure they’re operating correctly. They’ll also look for leaks in the ductwork and system. Resolving these may lower the humidity levels in your home while ensuring it stays cool.

An efficient air conditioner will also create a safer, healthier home. Clear, effective filters will capture pollutants, allergens, and other debris traveling throughout the system. This is especially vital for family members who have respiratory complications and may be more susceptible to illnesses.

Reducing Energy Costs

air conditionerAn inefficient air conditioner will draw more power to function correctly, leading to increased utility bills. Since summer is the peak season for AC use, you may notice that your utility bills drastically increase.

Clogged filters are a common cause because air will struggle to pass through, making your system work harder and use more energy. During an inspection, a technician will look at the filters to ensure air passes through smoothly.

Preventing Future Problems

You can never truly know that nothing is wrong with your HVAC system unless a professional takes a look. This is especially true when you first turn on the unit for spring and summer because a variety of issues could have occurred while it was sitting idle through winter. Air conditioner repair professionals will look for signs of wear and early symptoms of problems so they can catch issues in advance.


Are you ready to schedule an air conditioner inspection? Contact DK Heating & Sons of Perry, OH. These HVAC service professionals are backed by nearly 60 years of experience and provide 24/7 assistance to homeowners, including AC and furnace repairs, unit installations, and cooling and heating system maintenance. Call (440) 259-4557 to schedule an inspection, and learn more about their company online.

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