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How to Celebrate Your Graduate With Flowers June 1, 2020

Honolulu, Oahu
How to Celebrate Your Graduate With Flowers, ,

If your loved one is graduating soon, give them flowers as a gift. Giving flowers is an excellent way to say congratulations, and in Hawaii, it’s a tradition to give lei. These floral strands have been prominent symbols in Hawaii for many years, representing affection toward the recipient. Here are three floral gifts to give your graduate.

3 Flower Gifts Your Graduate Will Love

1. Ti Leaf Lei

Ti leaves are boiled, massaged with oil, and braided. In Hawaii today, many males wear the ti leaf lei on their graduation, wedding, or another special day. Some believe that these flowers have special healing powers that bring the wearer good luck. After graduates are done wearing the ti leaves, they can keep them as a souvenir, as they dry and preserve wonderfully.

2. Flower Bouquet

flowersFlower bouquets are also frequently given to graduates on their big day. Opt for a colorful arrangement that will stand out against their solid-color graduation gown. This will give your graduate a gorgeous accessory to pose with while taking photos. You can also choose flowers in their school colors or pick an arrangement that uses their favorite bloom and hue.

3. Haku

Also known as lei po'o, the haku lei is worn around the head and saved for special occasions, like graduation ceremonies. This unique lei is braided by using natural materials, like ferns or softened tree bark. Flowers are added to the weave as the material is braided. Be sure to bring a few hairpins to pin the accessory in place for your graduate.


If you want to give your graduate one of these floral gifts, contact the team at Bella Rosa Corporation in Honolulu, HI. This family-owned and -operated company has provided residents with beautiful lei and arrangements for over 20 years. View their selection online, and call (808) 848-7673 or (808) 951-0787 to place an order in advance.

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