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3 Top Camera Brands to Consider April 27, 2020

Crescent Springs, Covington
3 Top Camera Brands to Consider, Covington, Kentucky

Capturing a moment on Film or Digital Media is a special way to help it to live on forever, but unfortunately, many people make the mistake of selecting the wrong camera to help them to pursue the next great shot. Fortunately, by being familiar with some of the major brands, you can streamline your decision and come home with something great. Here are a few major camera brands and what you should consider before deciding. 

What are the Best Camera Brands?

1. Nikon

Nikon cameras are known for their sleek, ergonomic designs, making it easy and comfortable to hold the camera for long periods of time. Nikon produces incredibly sharp digital images and have great low-light performance. Nikon also makes cameras that are compatible with older F-mount camera lenses. One of the biggest advantages of Nikon is the fact that the camera bodies are sturdy and economical, making them perfect for hobbyists and professional photographers alike. 

2. Hasselblad camera-ft mitchell

Hasselblad cameras are medium-format cameras designed and made in Sweden. Famous for their use during initial Apollo missions in the 1960s, Hasselblad cameras have a long reputation of excellence. The larger lenses present on Hasselblad cameras lend to sharper images. Their larger sensors with considerably bigger photosites (pixels)  for digital models also produce incredible detail and the best (most accurate) color of any camera on the market. The calibration of their camera sensors offer the best possible photos in any situation, and rigorous testing ensures a quality product. The new X1D-50c is also a much more affordable model and is light and compact.

3. Canon

Since its inception in 1984, Canon continues to stand out for its high-end lenses and stunning, high-contrast images. With a variety of powerful settings dictating everything from aperture to image stability, Canon cameras offer photographers the ability to quickly and easily customize shoots. Canon lenses are available in many different focal lengths and price ranges making it easier to get a complete system. 

4.  Lenses

Also, K & R has quality third party lenses, such as Sigma and Tamron for Nikon, Canon and most other 35mm style cameras.

When you are in the market for a new camera, turn to K & R Photographics in the Cincinnati area. With a variety of high-end cameras and accessories, including grip and lighting, you can find what you need to handle the next photoshoot or capture your next adventure. To learn more about their products and selection, visit them online or give them a call at (859) 341-6986.

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