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Do's & Don'ts of Caring for Your Eyeglasses March 27, 2020

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Do's & Don'ts of Caring for Your Eyeglasses, Brooklyn, New York

Prescription eyeglasses are a necessary investment for anyone with vision difficulties. Learning how to take care of them properly is the first step in ensuring that they last for many years. Here’s some advice on how to keep them in excellent condition.


Clean them with a microfiber cloth.

eyeglassesWhen buying eyeglasses, you’re often given a bag complete with a soft, microfiber cloth. Always use this or one similar to clean your eyewear.

While a t-shirt, towel, or even paper towels might feel soft to you, these materials have much more abrasive surfaces. They also tend to collect dust and other debris that can leave small scratches behind.  

Put them on with both hands.

Only using one hand to put on your eyeglasses puts a lot of stress on the frame. This can cause them to become misaligned and loose, which will affect the way they correct your vision. Avoid these issues by always putting your glasses on with both hands.


Lay them down unprotected.

When you take off your eyeglasses, always place them in a protective case. Leaving them on a table risks having them knocked onto the floor or getting covered in floating dust, sprays, or cosmetics. Also, avoid throwing them in a backpack or purse, as this can quickly scratch them.

Use abrasive cleaning chemicals.

While you might think glass cleaner will make your eyeglasses as sparkly as your mirrors and windows, it actually damages the protective coating and makes your glasses more susceptible to scratches. When cleaning your lenses, a couple of drops of mild dish soap and some warm water is all you need. Make sure to use your microfiber cloth to dry them. 


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