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3 Common Car Battery Issues May 21, 2020

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3 Common Car Battery Issues, Twin, Ohio

Auto repair technicians can attest that a decent car battery will last for years. With proper maintenance, the battery in your vehicle might last for five or six years. That doesn't mean, however, the component won't develop issues along the way. Here are some of the most common car battery issues, which become increasingly more likely over time. 

What Are Some Common Car Battery Problems? 

1. Broken Connections 

In order for the battery to function, it must be connected securely to the rest of the engine with charging cables. Should these connections break, the ignition will not work. If the terminals corrode, it can break the connection over time. If you drive over an especially bumpy road, on the other hand, it could cut the connection immediately.

When excessive wear is to blame for a broken connection, replacing the battery is in order. If the bolts or screws are merely loose, on the other hand, tightening them should repair the issue.

2. Parasitic Drain auto repair

A parasitic drain means a component that should've been turned off is draining the battery. For example, if you leave the headlights or radio on after turning off the ignition, it could deplete the battery until it has no charge. The battery will also drain if the car isn't started for an extended period of time.  

Thankfully, a simple jumpstart should be enough to get your vehicle running again. To prevent parasitic drain in the future, though, ask an auto repair tech to install a trickle charger. These devices charge the battery over time, so they're ideal on vehicles that are left in storage for weeks or even months. 

3. Inadequate Charging

As batteries age, they become unable to charge fully. They also lose the charge that they do obtain much faster than usual. If you’re always struggling to start the ignition, it may be a sign that the battery is due for replacing. While they’re supposed to last for about five or more years, a dying battery can affect the total lifespan of your car, as well as driving habits in poor weather conditions. 


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