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A Guide to Nearsightedness April 21, 2020

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
A Guide to Nearsightedness, Brooklyn, New York

Nearsightedness is one reason why your optometrist may suggest you wear glasses or contact lenses. This eye focusing disorder is common, and its symptoms are typically simple to diagnose. Here’s what you should know about this condition.

What Is Nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness is a condition in which objects close to you are clear but those at a distance are blurry. Also known as myopia, this issue occurs when the eye doesn’t properly reflect light because it bends the rays incorrectly. The result is that some objects in the distance are out of focus.

What Are Its Symptoms?

optometristBlurry vision, when looking at a distance, is the defining symptom of myopia. However, people with this condition may experience a few other symptoms as well.

You might notice that you’re straining your eyes or squinting more to see objects that are far away. This eye strain can cause regular headaches. These symptoms might be more pronounced at night, especially when you’re driving.

What to Do if You Have It 

If blurry vision and squinting are persistent, visit your optometrist for a checkup. An eye exam is your first step in remedying this condition.

The optometrist will perform a thorough exam to check the overall health of your eyes, as well as your vision. This vision assessment will help the doctor to determine if you are nearsighted. If you are, glasses or contact lenses can improve your long-distance vision.


For eye care that can remedy your blurry vision and nearsightedness, contact Clear Vision Center in Brooklyn, NY. This locally owned practice has been serving the area for 11 years and has both an optometrist and an optician on staff. If you need glasses, choose from an array of brands, including Gucci®, Polo Ralph Lauren®, and Dior®. To schedule an appointment, call (718) 771-0078 or learn more about available services on the website.

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