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An Introduction to Business Safes May 11, 2020

New Tacoma, Tacoma
An Introduction to Business Safes, Tacoma, Washington

Business owners recognize how critical it is to protect their proprietary information and items of value. That typically necessitates the purchase of a business safe. Just as important to your operation as a high-quality security camera, a safe will protect vital belongings and documents. If you’re curious about your options, below is what you need to know.

Types of Commercial Safes

There are two key types of safes available to business owners. One of the most common is a burglar safe, which is uniquely designed to reduce the likelihood of theft in a high-risk environment. It minimizes the odds of intrusion even when faced with force from, for example, a blunt object or a savvy break-in attempt from an experienced burglar. They can also prevent damage and entry due to more substantial objects, like explosives. This model makes it exceptionally challenging to achieve entry.

Fire safes, by contrast, are designed to safeguard the materials inside from both heat and flames. It behaves much like a burglar safe in that it prevents break-ins to some degree. For that reason, it makes a substantial security solution. But its primary goal is to reduce the odds of fire damage. It will resist heat, but it’s important to check the product’s fire rating to glean a better understanding of its ability to withstand certain temperatures.

How to Choose the Right Style

imageHow can you determine the most practical choice for your workplace? It depends largely on what you’re placing inside the structure. If it’s intended strictly to hold cash, then a burglar safe is the more sensible choice. If you’re storing valuable documents or proprietary details about the staff or business, a fire structure is a better option since it will protect the integrity of the paperwork and is unlikely to be something that an intruder would want to access.

As a business owner, you may also want to consider your insurance coverage. Your provider might want to know which safe you use so that they can provide you with appropriate rates based on the level of protection that you’ve invested in for your company.  

Are you seeking a reliable provider of high-quality commercial security systems in Tacoma, WA? Turn to Robblee’s Total Security. Proudly serving clients throughout Pierce County for nearly a century, the company provides a variety of outstanding security products, including sturdy safes, alarm systems, and access control systems. Visit the website for information, or call (253) 627-5448 to speak with a representative.

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