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Why Do You Need Renters Insurance? May 7, 2020

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Why Do You Need Renters Insurance?, High Point, North Carolina

Over one-quarter of people in the United States are tenants in rental properties. In the event of theft or a natural disaster, it’s important that you have coverage for lost or damaged belongings and to protect against personal injury. The guide below discusses why renters insurance is a wise investment.

4 Reasons to Invest in Renters Insurance 

1. Cover Damages

Renters insurance protects against a variety of emergency and disaster scenarios. If your residence catches on fire, floods, explodes, becomes vandalized, or is struck by a vehicle or aircraft carrier, your insurance will compensate you for losses up to a certain amount of the appraisal value of your belongings. 

2. Liability Protection 

insuranceIf people become injured while visiting your home, you may have to accept liability, even if you rent or lease the property. Renters insurance includes liability protection, which will keep you from having to pay medical bills, lawsuit settlements, or legal expenses. 

3. Includes Car & Air Travel 

Renters insurance covers an agreed-upon dollar amount of your belongings while they are in your residence. The contract also covers your items while you travel by plane or automobile. For instance, if someone steals belongings from your car, or you get robbed while on vacation, your insurance company will cover the losses. 

4. Affordability 

In many cases, renters insurance is quite affordable in monthly installments. Ask your provider if you may bundle it with your car insurance and receive a discounted rate for doing so. When you consider the thousands of dollars of coverage, paying the monthly rate is worthwhile. 



When you’re ready to reap the benefits of renters insurance, get in touch with Dewey Beckner: Allstate Insurance. This agent offers affordable homeowners, automobile, personal, and business insurance policies to clients throughout High Point, NC. Call (336) 884-5636 to request an insurance quote or visit his website to submit an appointment request. 

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