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The 4 Best Paint Colors for Selling a Home May 18, 2020

East Mountian, Waterbury
The 4 Best Paint Colors for Selling a Home, Waterbury, Connecticut

A fresh coat of paint is an effective way to rejuvenate a room and leave a lasting impression on prospective homebuyers. The right colors can showcase key features and amenities and also create a welcoming feel. Work with your painting contractor to incorporate these popular colors into your home design before listing your property.

Popular Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

1. Greige

A fresh coat of greige exterior paint makes a powerful first impression on buyers. This combination of gray and beige has a clean, classical aesthetic that will help your home blend in with the neighborhood—this creates a sense of privacy because the home doesn’t call too much attention itself. Greige also highlights your trees, flower beds, and other landscaping features by acting as a clean backdrop.

2. Light Gray

painting contractorLight gray is a safe interior color choice. It will keep a room feeling cool and open and will emphasize natural light coming from skylights or open windows.

There’s also nothing distracting about light gray. It often creates the perfect empty “canvas,” so buyers can project design ideas into empty spaces. If you want something slightly warmer for rooms that receive a lot of natural light, ask your painting contractor about beige as an alternative.

3. White With a Colored Front Door

White is always a safe bet because it’s clean and subtle. However, you may still want to add some personality to your home, so consider a white exterior with a colored front door. Painting your door red, blue, or even a glossy black will make your entryway pop. Look for colors that will also be warm and welcoming when buyers arrive for an open house, such as a barn red.

4. Blue

A light blue can be calming for buyers and has many of the same qualities of light gray. Outside, a deeper, matte blue can give a home either a contemporary or classic aesthetic, and it’s a color buyers will have seen before. Work with a painting contractor to explore how various shades of blue affect the look of your property.


If you’re looking for a painting contractor in Hartford, CT, contact Armend's Painting & Home Improvement. These home improvement professionals offer interior and exterior painting services to prepare your home for listing. Visit their website to learn about their power washing and paint removal services or call (203) 597-7179 to schedule a consultation. Connect on Facebook for news and updates.

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