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5 Creative Storage Ideas for Kitchens June 27, 2020

Greenburgh, Westchester
5 Creative Storage Ideas for Kitchens, Greenburgh, New York

Storage is something you can never have too much of in kitchen design. Whether you’re working with a small footprint or you want to maximize every cubic foot you have, it pays to get creative. Clever solutions will ensure everything you need is within easy reach, without any confusing or unattractive clutter.

Kitchen Design Guide for Creative Storage

1. Pull-Out Cutting Station

Pull-out cutting boards are popular because they're convenient and take up minimal space. You can also combine this feature with a pull-out trash can or composting bin. By installing the cutting board with a hole over the bin, it's easy to dispose of peels and ends as you work.

2. Pan Storage

Pots and pans of different sizes may stack nicely, but this makes grabbing what you need difficult and noisy. You're also left with a pile of lids that don't stack. Instead, install a hanging rack or a sideways storage rack, so you can pull out what you need without touching anything else.

3. Island Storage

kitchen designsAn island without storage is a waste of space. Even though you may not be able to have cabinets and drawers that are as deep as under the countertops, there's a lot of possibility with your island. Install a custom wine rack to showcase your collection, use open shelving for ceramics, or install some low drawers with kids' supplies that they can access without your help.

4. Tilt Drawers

The false front drawers under your sink can easily be put to work. Install the front on a hinge so the top can tilt outward with a little tray in it. This is the perfect place to store unsightly sink supplies, such as sponges, scrub brushes, soap, and drain stoppers.

5. Spice Pull-Out

When you have a little bit of extra space at the end of a cabinet, put it to good use. A vertical spice rack that pulls out only needs to be a few inches wide to store your entire collection. This makes it easy to grab what you need, since you won't need to reach behind anything to get the desired spice.


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