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Dress For Success! How to Make a Good Impression When it Comes to Public Speaking April 16, 2014

Westchester Village, Bronx
Dress For Success! How to Make a Good Impression When it Comes to Public Speaking, Bronx, New York

Public speaking does not require you to wear a business suit and tie. In fact, sometimes formalwear won’t cut it when you take the stage. When you make your speech, you’ll want to practice good posture and pronunciation, but you’ll also want to dress for success! Arthur Reel Studio, Communications and Actor Training will give you the advice you need to make a good visual impression on your audience, which will help to make your speech more memorable.

Here are three tips for picking the perfect outfit for your next presentation or public speaking gig:

  • What’s your message? Consider this above all other things when you dress for success. If you’re talking to investors about your business’s stock, then a suit and tie is your best option for an outfit. But if you’re talking about an office-wide trip to Hawaii, you’ll want to look a little more casual. You might even break out a pair of sandals for your speech! Remember that you are talking because you have something to say. Don’t just say it; sell it!
  • Who’s your audience? If you’re talking to a group of kids, don't dress too formally. A colorful polo shirt and jeans will suffice, even! But if you’re talking to a room full of those kids’ parents, dress up. Dress so that you create a connection with your audience. One great place to test this method out is at fan conventions. A well-thought-out T-shirt goes a long way with a strange audience.
  • Shake things up or blend in? The safest thing to do during your speech is to dress based on your audience. But when you want to wake up your audience, shake them up a little! Consider the office-wide trip to Hawaii. Instead of a suit, break out your Hawaiian shirt and shorts from the back of your closet. Your co-workers will think it’s ridiculous, but they’ll remember your spiel! Be forewarned, though: If you mess up too often, your audience won’t take you seriously. Remember to practice, practice, and practice!

There are many more tricks to public speaking that will make your presentations shine. To unlock them, take a course in communication at Arthur Reel Studio. Call (212) 595-1733 today to schedule your first public speaking class and get ready to excel in front of your peers!

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