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3 Tips to Keep You Safe When Riding a Motorcycle May 14, 2020

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3 Tips to Keep You Safe When Riding a Motorcycle , Fairfield, Ohio

Riding a motorcycle is fun and exciting, but you should take special care when you’re on the road because you don’t get the extra protection of other vehicles. A combination of common sense, respect for traffic laws, proper attention, and adequate motorcycle insurance can help reduce your risk. Below are a few ways to stay safe as you ride.

How to Ride Your Motorcycle Safely

1. Wear Proper Gear

When your motorcycle skids, you can sustain injuries, as you don’t have a protective boundary. Thus, you should wear something that will act as a barrier between you and the road in case of an accident. This includes a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT), leather jacket, goggles, leather pants, non-slip gloves, and boots. While it may be too warm to wear leather, keep in mind this kind of fabric helps to prevent road rash when you fall off.

2. Inspect Your Motorcycle

motorcycle insuranceCheck your motorcycle before leaving to ensure you are as safe as possible while traveling. Examine the tire pressure, headlights, brakes, fuel and oil levels, mirrors, turn signals, horn, and handlebars. Make sure that everything is functioning before you ride because mechanical issues can cause an accident.

3. Take a Safety Course

Motorcycle insurance companies often encourage riders to take safety courses that teach basic and advanced maneuvers. This is because riding a motorcycle is significantly different from driving a car, and both beginners and veterans will benefit from continuous education. You’ll learn helpful techniques when it comes to turning, avoidance tactics, braking techniques, and other control tips. Also, some motorcycle insurance companies will offer lower rates after you complete a course.


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