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4 Signs Your Senior Loved One Should Stop Driving October 7, 2020

South Bronx, Bronx
4 Signs Your Senior Loved One Should Stop Driving, Bronx, New York

Driving can become more difficult for seniors as they age. Many older adults have trouble admitting they’re experiencing driving issues and won’t feel comfortable talking to their family directly. Here are some signs that a senior in your life needs to use a car service instead of driving. 

How to Know Your Senior Loved One Should Give Up Their Keys

1. Damage to Their Car

Pay attention to the state of their car when you visit them. You might notice fresh dents or scrapes. These are a sign that they might be hitting their garage door, mailboxes in the neighborhood, or other cars in a parking lot. You can use this damage as a starting point to talk to them about hiring a car service.

2. Behavior Changes While Driving

You might notice that your senior loved one is going through stop signs, drifting into other drivers’ lanes, or tailgating. Drive with them a few times to see if it’s a consistent problem. If their driving is regularly unsafe, consider hiring a car service for them.

3. Exhaustion or Anxiety After Driving

car serviceHow does your senior loved one feel when they get home from driving? If you notice that it seems like driving took a lot of their energy, this could be a sign that it’s not a healthy activity for them.

They might also have trouble calming down their anxiety after getting out of the car. People who are jumpy and anxious behind the wheel are more likely to make mistakes or lose focus. Talk to your loved one about their driving habits, feelings, and experiences, and bring up a driving service if they admit they feel anxious behind the wheel.

4. Reluctance to Drive

If you haven’t seen your loved one drive recently, ask them if they’ll drive you somewhere to meet you and gauge their reaction. If they make up an excuse or seem reluctant to get behind the wheel, this could be a red flag.

Also, some elderly people might feel comfortable driving during the day, but they’re hesitant to drive at night. This can cause a problem as well, especially if they have evening doctor’s appointments or need a ride to a hospital for testing. They’d be much safer using a car service.



Are you looking for a reputable car service to help transport your elderly loved one? Choose Metro Luxury, Corp. in the Bronx, NY. They have more than 25 years of professional car service experience and can respond to 24 hours a day. Their large fleet of over 300 vehicles includes wheelchair accessible options and can provide transport to medical appointments. Visit their website or call (718) 665-4900 to request a ride.

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