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What You Can Expect During Different Stages of Dementia March 30, 2020

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What You Can Expect During Different Stages of Dementia, Henderson, Kentucky

Dealing with dementia is a tough challenge to navigate. There are three main stages, and it can be hard to predict when each stage will progress. Here’s what you can expect as you deal with dementia care for your loved one.

First Stage – Mild Dementia

Dementia CareEarly-stage dementia lasts two to four years. It often resembles natural aging, making it hard to diagnose. Symptoms may include forgetfulness and trouble concentrating.

During mild dementia, your loved one may still be able to function normally and even hold down regular employment and continue driving, although trouble with job-related tasks may start to arise.

Second Stage – Moderate Dementia

As dementia progresses, the brain becomes more damaged, causing an increase in confusion. Your loved one may have trouble remembering simple things about their history, difficulty holding conversations, and increased forgetfulness. This stage can last up to ten years.

Since mild dementia can interfere with day-to-day tasks, dementia care may be needed in this stage. Frustration and mood changes are also quite common, making an experienced dementia caregiver very helpful.

Third Stage – Severe Dementia

During this period, the brain further deteriorates, causing an even greater memory loss. Dementia patients may completely lose their ability to form sentences and can become nonverbal. Those who remain verbal may answer questions with few words.

At this stage, many patients will lose their ability to recognize family members. Advanced dementia care will be needed to help patients with everyday tasks such as bathing, getting dressed, and even walking. This stage lasts one to three years.


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