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4 FAQ About Non-Emergency Medical Transportation October 3, 2020

South Bronx, Bronx
4 FAQ About Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Bronx, New York

In addition to health insurance coverage, Medicaid can also cover the expense of getting to and from the doctor’s office. If you’re a senior without a car or driver’s license, it’s worth looking into whether you are eligible for non-emergency medical transportation. To be more informed about your rights, below are answers to basic questions about this travel option.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Questions

How do I find out about eligibility?

Ride eligibility requirements should be included in your Medicaid coverage packet. Otherwise, reach out to customer service for assistance. A representative will ask a series of questions to determine whether you meet the requirements. Have information ready to verify your appointment with a Medicaid provider.

In order for the representative to assess whether you have an immediate need for care, you’ll also have to describe the situation. Before reaching out for non-emergency medical transportation, you’ll be expected to have exhausted all possibilities for a ride.

How do I book a ride?

If the ride is covered through Medicaid, the representative might be able to arrange it for you. Otherwise, you will be given the phone number of a Medicaid-approved ride service. As the professional driver is only authorized to pick you up on the pre-determined date and time, let them know immediately if there are changes to your plans.

What vehicle will be provided?

non-emergency medical transportationWhen you tell the Medicaid representative why you need non-emergency medical transportation, they determine the appropriate vehicle to send. Based on your needs, this could be a van, car, or public transportation. You could ride solo or with other passengers.

Are there service limits?

Limits on service vary from state to state. Some states have no limitations, while others might limit rides to the local area or require the procedures are covered by Medicaid. When arranging medical transportation, ask the representative about limitations in your state. 



For reliable, prompt non-emergency medical transportation in New York City, contact Bronx-based Metro Luxury, Corp. The car service provides transportation for doctor appointments, chemotherapy, dialysis treatment, and additional medical procedures, which you can find out more about online. Call (718) 665-4900 to arrange a pickup.

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