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How to Stage Your House Before Selling It March 26, 2020

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How to Stage Your House Before Selling It, Oak Ridge, North Carolina

If you intend to sell your house, you may hold an open house event where potential buyers will come inside and view the dwelling. To secure a profitable sale, however, the home should be staged in a way that is enticing to viewers. This can be a challenging feat for homeowners who are still residing in the house, but there are several ways you can make each room shine. 

A Guide to Staging Your Home

Living Areas

During your open house event, potential buyers will spend a considerable amount of time viewing living areas like living rooms and dens. To make these rooms appealing, use plants and bright colors to make the space more vibrant.

You should also arrange the couches, sofas, and chairs in a way that promotes conversation. Remove personal photos and replace them with artwork or mirrors to give the room more dimension. 


open houseTo help prospective buyers visualize themselves in the bedroom, you should tuck away all personal items, including clothing and photographs, as well as belongings you aren’t using, air mattresses, and extra bedding. You want the room to look clean and uncluttered. Open windows with sheer curtains will fill the room with light and help the room feel more homely. 


Your kitchen is one of the most significant assets inside your home, so you want to invest a lot of your time here. If your countertops, appliances, or cabinetry are outdated, you may want to upgrade them before the open house. Remodeled kitchens have a high return on investment.

You should also clear off the countertops from all small appliances to make the space look larger and less cluttered. Colorful accents will give the kitchen a sense of charm, so hang up bright picture frames or invest in colorful salt and pepper shakers or napkin holders for a pop of color.


The bathroom is another room worth an investment. Consider giving the room a fresh coat of paint and new hardware for the sink, bathtub, and cabinets.

You should also remove stains from all the fixtures and add a charming touch like fluffy white towels or decorative hand soap. As with every other room, clear out all personal items and keep the place clean from top to bottom.

Outside Areas

The outside of your home makes as big an impression on buyers as the inside. Before viewers arrive, take care of all landscaping maintenance, including weed removal, mowing, and freshen up flower beds. If you have a patio or deck, you may also want to give it a power washing to make the wood, concrete, or stone flooring look like new. 



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