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5 Types of Beer That Pair Well With Oysters March 25, 2020

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5 Types of Beer That Pair Well With Oysters, St. Petersburg, Florida

A plate of oysters is a treat that is made even better with a cold swig of beer. Not all brews are created equal, however. Just as wines pair well with certain foods, there are specific styles of beer that best complement this seafood dish. Learn more about which beverages to try with your oysters below.

A Guide to Pairing Beer & Oysters

1. Lagers

A lager has a clean, crisp taste. It's best served ice cold alongside a plate of briny East Coast oysters. The clean, chilly finish cuts the saltiness of the seafood, making for the perfect balance.

2. Pilsner

beerPilsners often have a bread-heavy note to them that allows you to taste the malt. Order a hop-filled Pilsner to go with fried oysters. The highly carbonated beverage will accentuate the mouthwatering fried flavor.

3. Ales 

Ales can also be hoppy and malty, but they are darker, which brings a richer, more robust taste forward. Many ales have an underlying sweetness, which can contrasts nicely with a savory oyster.

4. Spicy Beers

The array of craft beers available these days makes it easy to find a brew with a hint of spice. The pepper and spice in one of these novel drinks can pack enough flavor that you may want to forego the hot sauce with your oysters and enjoy them plain.

5. Sweet Brews

Reach for a cold one with hints of fruit next time you order oysters. These drinks will offer a slightly sweet aftertaste, amping up the buttery finish of fresh oysters. Garnish it with a lemon or orange slice to push the flavor profile even further.


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