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Call Cincinnati's G & A Tree and Lawn For Prompt Dead Tree Removal November 12, 2015

Riverside, Cincinnati
Call Cincinnati's G & A Tree and Lawn For Prompt Dead Tree Removal, Cincinnati, Ohio

A dead tree on your lawn is more than just unsightly. It can also damage your home or garden. The tree removal experts at  G & A Tree and Lawn regularly help Cincinnati residents maintain the trees in their yards. They offer affordable tree service, in addition to lawn care, hardscapes, and snow removal. 

The company shares several reasons why it’s important to remove a dead tree immediately"

  • The Tree May Fall: Once a tree starts to decay, it’s more likely to fall. Dead trees pose a serious threat to the safety of your family and anyone who passes by your property. Prompt removal eliminates the risk of injuries or damage to your home. You could even face a lawsuit if the tree injures other people or damages a neighbor’s home. G & A Tree and Lawn offers emergency tree removal service so you never have to wait for a dangerous tree to be removed.
  • Dead Trees Are Unsightly: You work hard to maintain the appearance of your property. Unfortunately, one dead tree can quickly destroy all of your hard work. When people pass by your property, their eyes will be drawn to the tree, not your creative landscaping efforts.
  • Pests Love Dead Trees: Once your tree dies, termites and rats may move in. Although these pests may initially make their home in the tree, they might eventually decide that your house makes a much better home.
  • Dead Trees Infect Other Trees & Plants: If a tree disease caused the death of your tree, that disease can spread to other trees and plants if you don’t remove the tree promptly.

Don’t live with that dead tree on your lawn a minute longer. Call G & A Tree and Lawn at (513) 623-7767 and schedule an appointment for tree removal. Visit their website or Facebook page for more information about the services they offer.

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