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Our office is committed to you health and well-being! March 18, 2020

Florissant Old Town, Florissant
Our office is committed to you health and well-being!, Florissant, Missouri

We are thinking about you!

Dear Get Well Chiro Family,

Everyone keeps asking me…..Are you shutting down?

You know what my answer is?


“NO WAY!?!”

Not unless I have to...and honestly I wouldn’t close without a serious fight!

Do you know why?

Because i truly feel it is my life’s purpose to provide you and everyone I serve with the best chiropractic care to help the body function as high as possible!  When there is stress on your spine, you cannot be the healthiest version of yourself, and that is what I want for you.  Virus or not, you need to be firing on all cylinders and I am here to help!

Like the rest of Saint Louis and the world, our GWFC team has been monitoring the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, and we personally share our patients’ concerns about safety for themselves and their families.

We know you’re flooded with messages like this right now, so we appreciate you taking a few moments to review this one.

Please read this in its entirety, especially if you are an active client, however, if you do not, we want to leave you with one thought:

Stay strong, take care of each other, and let’s get through this together.

We also recognize the extreme stress and disruption to daily life (in areas such as, work, childcare, caring for aging loved ones and finances) many of you are currently facing. Please know that we care about each of you and are here to help in any way we can. After 24 years of practice and service to our community, we view our practice members as part of our extended family, and our hearts go out to you at this time.

The bottom line is this: as citizens of the world, we are each called to do our part to help minimize the spread of this virus, especially to those in our community who are the most vulnerable. As healthcare professionals, we take that responsibility seriously.

We are doing everything that is recommended by the CDC and accommodating everyone to the best of our ability.  We have opened up additional slots  give us a call if you would like to come in a slower time slot.  Recommendations of social distancing and additional time slots we can have fewer people in the office at one time.

Safety practices we are taking INSIDE our office to protect your health:

As a healthcare office, we have always had high standards for office cleanliness. Given the current outbreak, we have instituted additional practices to help further protect our clients and team:

-Most importantly, we have instructed all team members and all clients to please stay home if they have ANY symptoms or indication they may be ill.

-As always, same-day cancellation fees will be waived in the case of illness. -Adjusting tables are fully sanitized between EACH client.

-Clients may opt to have an additional barrier placed on the face piece during their adjustment.

-Doctors and interns wash hands multiple times per shift and use hand sanitizer between EACH adjustment/client contact.

-Support staff wash hands multiple times per shift and use hand sanitizer between direct client interactions (like handling credit cards/money/etc.)

-All hard surfaces and high client contact areas are sanitized BEFORE and AFTER each shift (e.g., door knobs/light switches/bathroom surfaces/chairs/ink pens, etc.)

We have removed all the kids toys, (Even thought they are upset about that.)  We have so many kids coming in this week, because their parents just want every immune advantage possible!

Safety practices we recommend OUTSIDE our practice:

Because we are committed to providing the most current “safe practices” advice to our clients during this outbreak, we recommend you frequently check the CDC’s official website (see link below) for the most up to date information.

CDC COVID-19 Recommendations for Individuals and Families:


Additional links and resources:

The current national focus is on how to prevent/reduce contact with and spread of COVID-19. This is crucial to minimize the impact of the virus.

In addition, as holistic health providers, we believe there should also be a focus on strengthening and supporting our natural immunity and lung/respiratory health at this time.

The reality is, some people in our community will contract the virus. Current statistics indicate that, for the majority of those that do, full recovery is likely.

Having a healthy immune system is crucial to help minimize the chance of contracting all communicable illnesses and to minimize the most extreme complications if we do become ill.


These are links we believe may be useful to you and your family at this time:

Lung & Respiratory Health:


https://www.lung.org/lung-health-and-diseases/protecting-your-lungs/breathing- exercises.html

General Immune Function:

https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/foods-that-boost-the-immune- system


Chiropractic Care & Immune Function:


At Get Well Family chiropractic, your health has always been, and will always be, our first priority. With that in mind, we will continue to vigilantly monitor the CDC’s advice for healthcare professionals during this outbreak. As necessary, we will continue to make changes to our daily operating procedures in accordance with best practice guidelines.

We understand your lives are likely in a great deal of flux right now as well, and thus, we will be as flexible and accommodating as we can with any necessary schedule changes. We do still request if you need to make any changes you provide us with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice so we can attempt to meet the needs of all our clients.


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