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A Guide to Essential Oils May 6, 2020

Florissant Old Town, Florissant
A Guide to Essential Oils, Florissant, Missouri

When people talk about holistic care, they’re referring to practices that soothe both your body and soul. Essential oils are used in holistic treatment and offer many benefits to your mental and physical health. The below guide provides more information about essential oils basics, including what issues they treat. 

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils come from plants that are well-known for their healing benefits. Different oils have different applications; lavender is a stress reliever, while peppermint can improve energy and activity levels. Other oils, like tea tree, boost immunity and stave off sickness. 

holistic careMany people use essential oils with an aromatherapy regimen. Certain scents have therapeutic applications when you inhale them, and you can wear them on the skin, add them to a diffuser, or combine them with the bathwater. When wearing oils on the skin, dilute them with water to prevent irritation. 

What Benefits Do They Offer?

While further research is necessary to understand the full benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils, some studies show numerous physical benefits. People with chronic headaches and migraines often have success with chamomile oil, which soothes muscles and relieves tension. When sinus congestion causes headaches, eucalyptus can clear out the nasal passages. 

Other essential oils can also improve your sleep quality. One study of lavender on the sleep quality of participants found that it has a significant impact. Those in the study reported feeling more vigorous the following day and experienced longer periods of deep wave sleep than those without the lavender.


When searching for holistic care in Florissant, MO, Get Well Family Chiropractic offers a variety of effective healing services. Along with chiropractic adjustments, heat therapy, and nutritional counseling, they can also help you improve wellness with essential oils. They assess your symptoms and medical conditions and recommend an oil or a combination of oils to provide relief. Learn more about their holistic care services online or call (314) 524-2580 to schedule an appointment. 

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