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3 Reasons to Get Veneers March 25, 2020

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
3 Reasons to Get Veneers, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Veneers are thin caps that are fitted over your natural teeth, and they’re often used to address dental damage, such as chips or cracks. Veneers are made of safe materials, like porcelain or composite resin, and shaded white to seamlessly blend with the rest of your smile. They’re also easy to customize, as well as durable and stain-resistant. Here are a few reasons why you’d consider getting these dental solutions.

3 Advantages of Veneers

1. Fill Gaps

Misaligned teeth may result in gaps. Orthodontics take years to push teeth into alignment, but veneers can be used to hide gaps and take only a few days to apply. The caps are slightly larger than your teeth, so they can be fitted to conceal any spaces.

2. Hide Stains

veneersAlthough teeth whitening reduces discoloration, it can't remove deep-set stains under the enamel. Veneers cover discoloration, creating a noticeably brighter smile. This will make you appear younger, as dull teeth are associated with aging.

3. Cover Chips & Cracks

A chipped or cracked tooth is aesthetically displeasing, creating an uneven smile. It's also an oral health hazard, as it makes it easier for bacteria to grow and infect a tooth. Bacteria can also cause a gum infection, which leads to periodontal disease and an increased risk of cavities. Fortunately, veneers can cover and protect these vulnerable areas.


If you want to learn more about how veneers can enhance your smile, contact Kathleen Kujiraoka, DDS, in Kaneohe, HI. This experienced dentist and her team provide a variety of general and cosmetic treatments to help their patients achieve brighter, more beautiful smiles. Their office is equipped with the latest industry technology and offers veneers, dentures, crowns, and teeth whitening treatments. To get more information about their dentistry services, visit the website or call (808) 235-2121.

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