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Gaelens Style Has Innovative Kitchen Design Tips To Maximize Your Space November 10, 2015

Greece, Monroe
Gaelens Style Has Innovative Kitchen Design Tips To Maximize Your Space, Greece, New York

Interior designer Roger Gaelens of Gaelens Style in Rochester, NY has over 30 years’ experience in home and interior design. Gaelens Style is a home remodeling company specializing in custom kitchen design and bathroom renovation. Gaelens’ unique approach involves presenting design proposals to clients in a way that helps the designers and the clients work together to discover, create, decide, and build their dream space. They enable the client to view final designs with their “360 Pano View Technology," all resulting in the most inspired kitchen design and custom bathroom design.

At Gaelens Style, their innovation and vision doesn’t end when they’ve completed a client’s home improvement project. They’re here to help you best utilize the space in your kitchen:

  • Consider The Ceiling: A mounted hanging pot rack is an excellent space saver, adds a rustic charm to your kitchen design, and is convenient. You won’t have to fumble around for pots and pans in dark cabinets.
  • Showcase Your Knives: Storing knives in drawers isn’t ideal and can be a safety issue. To maximize counter space while keeping your knives at the ready, consider a mounted magnetic display strip. It’s convenient, efficient, and stylishly transforms your space into a chef’s kitchen.

  • Free Your Cooking Utensils: Keeping your frequently used cooking utensils in a drawer is inconvenient and can get messy. Instead, display them next to your stove in a decorative crock or mason jar.
  • Keep Spices Handy: Store your most frequently used spices, including salt and pepper, in little bowls by the stove. If you have the wall space, install a mounted spice rack. It adds a rustic flair and makes seasoning your meal a snap.
  • Implement The Triangle: In the kitchen, the triangle is the storing, cooking, and prepping areas in a kitchen. Arrange your space so that you can easily move from one area to the next. If one area is lacking, such as limited counter space, you can improvise by adding a rolling cart for additional surface area and storage.
  • Invest In A Large Cutting Board: A large cutting board makes prepping so much easier, and you can put it on your stove top before cooking if you have limited counter space. You can also buy a cutting board that fits over your sink to further maximize space.

From inspired kitchen renovation to custom bathroom design, Gaelens Style is your go-to for an innovative home remodeling company. For more information, visit them online or give their design team a call today at (585) 978-5154.

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