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3 Tips to Keep Birds Away From the Yard April 24, 2020

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3 Tips to Keep Birds Away From the Yard, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Birds might surround your home with pleasant melodies, but certain species can also be nuisances. They devour any visible plant life and leave behind hard-to-clean droppings, which are known to contain numerous diseases. If you want to prevent them from causing chaos on your lawn, start by implementing the following pest control tips.

How to Deter Birds From Your Home

1. Remove the Reason for Their Visit

Usually, birds will flock to any area with a reliable source of food, water, or shelter. If you don’t want them dropping by uninvited, remove or empty any features that could be collecting water, including fountains, pet bowls, planters, and lawn furniture. Also, clean your gutters, as any lingering debris will trap moisture. 

Don’t put out or plant foods birds like to eat, such as shrubs or trees that produce berries. You’ll also need to trim the trees around your home to remove any shade that would provide an appealing nest setup.

2. Create a Scarecrow

pest controlWhile it doesn’t have to be a literal scarecrow, scare tactics are tried-and-true pest control methods for deterring birds. Flags are among the most effective tools for frightening birds away because of their unexpected flapping.

You can also hang wind chimes or install motion-sensor lights that produce a flashing effect. Anything that is loud, bright, or resembles a predatory threat will stop them from lingering. Just make sure to move these objects around every few days, so the birds don’t catch on that they’re inanimate.

3. Discourage Them With Aluminum Foil

Likely because of the way aluminum foil moves and reflects light, birds hate the feeling of walking on it. If you notice any birds lingering around particular areas of your lawn or garden, place strips of the material underneath the soil. They’ll fly away soon after landing on it.


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