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3 Flower Arrangement & Houseplant Ideas for Father's Day May 20, 2020

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3 Flower Arrangement & Houseplant Ideas for Father's Day, Port Jervis, New York

Fathers provide unconditional love and support, which is why you’ll want to present your dad with a thoughtful gift that shows your appreciation this Father’s Day. When deciding on a present, consider flower arrangements or houseplants. Having greenery in their space can reduce anxiety to evoke a sense of calmness and lower blood pressure. For help choosing an arrangement for your dad, consider the options below. 

A Father’s Day Guide to Flower Arrangements & Houseplants

1. White Hypoestes & Green Dieffenbachia

If your father is a fan of ferns and other large-leaf houseplants, consider an arrangement with lush greenery. The speckled leaves of white hypoestes pair well against the vibrant hue of green dieffenbachia and spathiphyllum.

Ficus and Boston ferns add bulk to the eye-catching arrangement. The warm tones of a clay or earth-tone plastic pot will provide an interesting contrast against the rich, green vegetation. 

2. Orchids

flower arrangementsIf your dad is prone to allergy flare-ups, choose a flower arrangement that has plants with low pollen counts. Orchids are ornamental, hypoallergenic flowering plants that represent love and refinement. The pollen inside the long, elegant flower is sticky and less likely to get released into the air and cause allergy attacks.

A simple ceramic planter will bring out the sleek, minimalist beauty of the plant. You can also put the container on a wooden base to further elevate the profile. 

3. Sunflowers & Snapdragons

To celebrate the warm weather in June, get your father a flower arrangement full of summer posies. Large and showy, sunflowers can draw focus in any room. If your dad has dogs and cats, the plants are non-toxic to pets. The long shape of snapdragons, also non-toxic, can balance the fullness of the sunflowers.

So the thick stems are also on display, present the flower arrangement in a clear, glass vase. A florist can help you find other pet-friendly plants for the arrangement, too.



For professional help designing a flower arrangement or choosing houseplants for Father’s Day, contact Laurel Grove Florist & Green House in Port Jervis, NY. The florist uses fresh posies for the arrangements. If your dad has a green thumb, the shop also sells garden plants. Browse the options online and call (845) 856-2713 to schedule flower delivery.

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